Possible Cure For Coronavirus Found!! With a Mixture of Antiviral Drugs

With a cocktail of antivirals used to treat flu and HIV, a Chinese woman infected with the new 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was treated and showed a dramatic improvement. The Doctors at Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand might have just found a possible cure for coronavirus that can be used for the treatment of people infected with the deadly virus.

During the ministry’s daily press briefing, Dr. Kriengsak Attipornwanich said,

“The 71-year-old Chinese patient tested negative for coronavirus 48 hours after Thai doctors administered the combination. The lab result of positive on the coronavirus turned negative in 48 hours. From being exhausted before, she could sit up in bed 12 hours later.”

Kriangska Atipornwanich, who is a lung specialist at Rajavithi Hospital, said this is not a definitive method for treating the virus, but it helps improve the patient’s condition. Atipornwanich also pointed out that further work is needed to determine whether the method can be used as a standard form of treatment.

After an evaluation meeting to be held with Thailand’s Health Ministry, the mixture could be applied to other patients as well. Chinese health officials are also known to have used HIV and flu medications to treat the coronavirus.

The combination of antiviral drugs used to treat Coronavirus in Thailand

These are the mixture of antiviral drugs used to treat Coronavirus that is originally used to treat flu and HIV.

  • Anti-HIV drugs: Lopinavir and Ritonavir
  • Flu drug: Oseltamivir 

Condition of Coronavirus in Thailand

Thailand has recorded 19 cases of coronavirus so far, after Japan this is the second-highest number of cases outside China. Among them, 8  were discharged after treatment, while 11 are continuing their treatment.

Thai authorities are trying to balance the screening of inbound Chinese visitors with the economic needs of its tourist sector, which is heavily reliant on arrivals from the mainland.

Messages of support saying “Our hearts to Wuhan” in English, Chinese and Thai were plastered on a Bangkok mall popular with tourists.

The news for the possible cure for coronavirus comes as the virus claimed its first life outside China, a 44-year-old Chinese man who died in the Philippines.

In the meantime,

China has announced that it will start an experimental trial in aid of finding an effective treatment for coronavirus. The novel virus has killed over 360 people so far and infected a further 17,000 since December.

The clinical trial, using the experimental drug remdesivir, begins today. It is taking place where the virus began, in the city of Wuhan, and will include treatment for over 270 coronavirus patients. Cao Bin, an expert in respiratory infections at Beijing’s China-Japan Friendship hospital, will be overseeing the highly publicized investigation.

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